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Animal Success Stories

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A Few Kitten Adoption Stories
A Few Cat Adoption Success Stories
A Few Special Needs Adoption Success Stories

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If you have a PAWS Happy Tails story you'd like to share, please email your kitty's former foster mom or see our Contact Info for our webmaster's email.  We love updated pictures too.  *Note we need the kitty's original name in order to post.

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Nubbin' aka Nub

Here is a picture of Lola "formerly Nubbin" with my other two cats Madison and Isabella. Thought you might enjoy seeing how beautiful Lola is!! She's doing wonderful. She's got the cutest bunny tail since it's rounded and fluffy. The pic of my three cats won Best Pets of Brevard and they are going to be in a calendar. They will be Miss January 2012 which will be unveiled at the Paws at the Pier Sept. 17th, 2011. ~Stephanie

Naomi TS
Naomi TS

Just a note to say all remains well with our girl Naomi. We continue to enjoy discovering the dimensions of her wonderful personality. She has become more playful, frisky and talkative--she's quite a jumper too. She loves to play in the sheets when we are trying to make the bed. She has her cache of toys --her favorite, go figure, is a 10-inch or so canvas cushion seat tie. She loves to stalk it, particularly at bedtime. So, now we have a routine that probably spins her up at night when Mom and Dad are ready to wind down but it is nonetheless fun. She pounces on it then runs to a far corner of the bedroom and watches it, then runs at full tilt, jumps onto the bed and attacks again. What a clown she can be. Of course, Naomi has the pillow throne between us on the bed when we go to sleep at night. She is still the upstairs girl and she and Ivy (the 19-yo) blend well. Plenty of room to roam. Rest assured, she is happy and settled into a good routine in our home. All the best! ~Britta


Norton loved his trip to TN. We got home yesterday and will be home for a week. We will go back to TN for one more week and then it is back to school. Norton loves riding in the car. I have attached some pictures of him. He looks great and his personality has really come out. He has no sense of personal space and is very comfortable climbing onto my face to sleep at night! He is very vocal when he is moved.:-) He also walks right across the dogs when they are sleeping on the floor instead of walking around them. I am glad to hear all the Persians got adopted, they really are a special breed. ~Lorraine

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