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2/19/2024 7:36 AM

PAWS Approved Cat Climbers/Trees and Cat Scratchers

Climbers give cats and kittens somewhere to rest, but more importantly, somewhere to appropriately scratch.  If cats can't get a good stretch when they want to scratch, most of the time they won't use what you give them.  The below images are climbers that our foster mom's have tested and their cats have approved.

cat climber 3 level crow's nest Cat Climber 3 level cat climber two level w/ condo area cat climber two level rounds cat climber two level cat climber two level w/ toy

If you don't have the money or don't want to invest in a climber, the below are several types of cat scratchers that have also been tested by fosters and cat approved.  Cardboard scratchers sometimes require some cat nip to get your cat to realize that's where they should scratch.  The cardboard can be turned over when they shred a side, and refills can be bought when they've shredded both sides.

 scratcher - turbo round scratcher - angled with toy hole scratcher - wide flat cardboard