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Animal Success Stories

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A Few Kitten Adoption Stories
A Few Cat Adoption Success Stories
A Few Special Needs Adoption Success Stories

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I wanted to give you an update on Van who I adopted back in early-February 2009. As you can tell, he has grown a lot since I adopted him at 6 months old. Thank you for taking such good care of him. I remember when I adopted him, you had a concern of Van being in an only cat house; however, you felt that since he was such a loner kitten in your house that maybe he'd do well as an only cat in my house. He’s still pretty much a loner. I play with him but at times he’ll get to the point where he doesn’t want to play anymore and will go and be by himself. It seems to me that he has adjusted well to being the only cat in the house. I have to tell you, it took a long time for Van to realize that he was in a forever home. Granted I have taken him to the vet for grooming and have left him and always come back to pick him up. I have also boarded him on a couple of occasions and always come back to pick him up. It wasn’t until recently that he figured out that I wasn’t going to give him away. I had to put him in a pet resort while I went out of town for a week. He fussed the whole time I drove over to the pet resort and when Van was getting put into his cat condo, I made sure he was comfortable before I left. Of course, he looked sad but he looked dejected and resigned to the fact that I was giving him away. It was funny --- when I came back to pick him up I called out his name and he looked at me like he didn’t recognize me and then you could tell in his eyes he remembered me and he gave pitiful meow. When I got him home he was being very lovable and it seems he finally realized that he was actually in a permanent home. He now walks around acting like he owns the place but there are times he gets back to his old self but he then remembers that he’s home. As you can see, he’s doing well. ~Elaine

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