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Animal Success Stories

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A Few Kitten Adoption Stories
A Few Cat Adoption Success Stories
A Few Special Needs Adoption Success Stories

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Parker came to us from Park St, covered in mange. He couldn't even open his eyes! See his original listing for the progression of's quite astounding.

Having dealt with attitudes of street cats for years, it seemed to Mona that Parker had a home early in life but got put outdoors and left to fend for himself. He was not afraid of household noises, other cats, or dogs.....he was just wary of people. His first instinct was "flight".

So, after his healing, and subsequent trip to the vet for vaccines and surgery, he was allowed out and about with other cats. He became much more confident and definitely wanted to be a lap cat!

When we were contacted by an adoptive family, they were interested in another kitty. After reviewing the application, Mona felt Parker was the best fit.

The adopters came over and Mona held onto Parker, because he wanted to run. This is just his first instinct, again...."flight". After a couple of minutes of petting, he was fine and wanted to be around these new folks. He will probably be like this for while, yet, with any new people who come in to his home.

Parker's adopters emailed Mona within minutes of getting home with him. He settled in as if he had been there before. Right on their laps!! It was awesome!

His adopters had this to say right after they got home: "He's a keeper". They sent pictures of him on a lap already :)

Then the next day:

"...he's really settled in, big time lap cat, and came running out to [greet] me."

"Thank you Mona, You did an amazing job with Parker, and he's an amazing addition to our family. We couldn't be happier. We believe aliens have taken him over because you can actually carry him. No issues with Trixie [dog] or KC [cat]. He's also quite a lap cat and routinely moves from lap to lap."


We already knew about FIV and hiw it's not a big deal. Patriot (now Sheldon, my brother and I have decided) is great. He slept all night in my bed with me and has been extra snuggly. He is awesome. I can't wait to bring him home to meet the family on Tuesday night!! I will let you know how it goes!

Pretty Girl

"Pretty Girl" aka Simone has adjusted really well to life at our house. She took a little bit to adjust (which is understandable), she still sometimes gets scared by my roommate's cat or unexplored parts of the house, but has been surprisingly brave with new people, loud noises, and being picked up on occasion. Currently, she greets my roommate and I whenever we come home as well as any guests we might have around that want to say hi. She often follows me around the house talking to me and has had no trouble laying claim to her own private kitty room (the guest bedroom). She has been a wonderful addition to the house and a joy to have around! I have included a couple of pictures of her with this email. Thanks again for everything! ~Danielle


Well we had a big day yesterday but we have made a lot of progress. All Panda wants is love and lots of it and we have it to give him love and patience. We decided to let him finish his sniffs and he would just beg for luvs. What's so funny we were sitting in the living room and he jumped on my lap. Later that day my husband and I were lying down and to our surprise he jumped on our bed an layed down with us. We just pet his head and gave him his space. Billy was sleeping because we had walked him. Yes we trained Billy to walk on a leash and he was tired, so Panda had a lot of time with us. Well to my surprise my husband was sitting with him and brushing him and he just loved it! We were so surprised. Panda is a very loving cat and we know when to give him his space. He loves his room. He has a nice window to look out at the pond an and most of all a beautiful bed to lay on. When he is a little shy he goes to his room and sits by his window. With time love and a lot of patience Panda will be the perfect mate for us and for Billy. I will update you as we progress. We love Panda very much and are very blessed to have him. Thanks for everything. ~Patti


The boys are curious and gentle. Penny is roaming the house and eating and drinking. She purred her way on the bed for most of the night. Penny is such a sweetheart. She is very loving, comes when we call her and always gives us lots of rubs and purrs. She is exploring her new home more each day but is still very cautious and getting used to all the different house sounds. She played with some puff balls and her new catnip stuffed carrot yesterday for awhile. She likes to sit on the small cat perch that just reaches the bottom of the bedroom window and watch the birds. She climbed up to the top of one of the tall cat trees today and spent some time looking out the window from the top perch. While she was looking out at the world, Shadow decided to take up residence at the bottom of the tree. UPDATE: Penny is doing great. Thanks to your letting us know that she had been bullied by other kitties we were able to figure out that her reaction to Shadow and Nittany was caused by fear. By sitting on the floor with her while the two boys came over to get acquainted we were able to make her comfortable. Penny and the boys now get along great and play together all the time. They even sleep near each other. She loves to be in the same room with us and is very affectionate. We just love having her. ~Barb

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