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Animal Success Stories

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A Few Kitten Adoption Stories
A Few Cat Adoption Success Stories
A Few Special Needs Adoption Success Stories

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If you have a PAWS Happy Tails story you'd like to share, please email your kitty's former foster mom or see our Contact Info for our webmaster's email.  We love updated pictures too.  *Note we need the kitty's original name in order to post.

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Just wanted to give you a quick update on Batman and Robin (formerly Darlin). They both seem happy, they’re very affectionate (I can’t sit down without Robin jumping in my lap), very comfortable and at home now. They even tolerate the dog wanting to play rough sometimes, they’re definitely not afraid of him now. They both eat like horses, and are growing very fast. All is well with them, and I really enjoy having them around. ~Steve


Dallas was previously Denver but I am a Texan at heart and so the name had to change. lol! Dallas sized up the dog and immediately decided Largo was no threat. Our 11 year old cat Tansy took to little Dallas at once. Maybe because he is even smaller than her unlike our huge Ollie. Now all three sleep together, play together and on occasion give each other a bath. Dallas is happiest when in someone's lap. He is really a little love bug - I have never seen such a loving and gentle cat. Thank you so much PAWS for all you do and for giving us such wonderful new darlings to help ease the pain caused by the recent death of our beloved little cat Gus. We rescued him 12 years ago and we will always miss him. Ollie and Dallas have helped fill a hole in our family and brought Tansy out of mourning for her companion. Thank you so very very much. We could not be any happier than we are with Ollie and Dallas. We love them and so appreciate your help Anthea. We have a very happy kitty family. ~Cheyenne


Dino needed a home with no other small animals. He went to a family where he could be numero uno. Here's what his new mom said: Just wanted to let you know that Rocky is doing great! This was such a great adoption for us as he is very much a part of our family.

Dewey D

After suddenly losing our White Kitty with the ice blue eyes right before the Thanksgiving holiday, we were very sad. What was there to be thankful for? we thought. Our hearts were broken. There was that gnawing, sick feeling we just couldn't seem to shake when you lose something so loved. And then one Sunday in January, while in a PetSmart in Melbourne, I found my eyes gazing into the copper eyes of this red, Persian beauty. I left the PetSmart continuing on with my day. However, I just could not stop thinking about those mesmerizing, copper eyes of that red, tabby, Persian cat! Finishing a latte at Starbucks with my 20 year-old son, I asked him if he would like to see this copper-eyed feline that kept permeating my thoughts. "Sure," he said. So we got into the car and headed back to PetSmart. I led him over to the cage with the red Persian and when he laid eyes on the cat, he smiled and said "Mom, you have to get this cat!" Well, my boyfriend was so happy to see me so happy after months of melancholy, he quickly agreed to adopt the red-haired, four-legged, puff ball we now call Laroux (red-haired one in French). Laroux is the sweetest, most loving pet either of us have ever experienced in our lives. And, our lives are now so much richer and happier with Laroux being a part of it. The idea that Laroux may have been put to sleep for lack of having a home is something we discuss often. We are so thankful to PAWS for giving us the opportunity to have Laroux in our home. Thank you PAWS! ~Nancy and Jerry

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