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Animal Success Stories

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A Few Kitten Adoption Stories
A Few Cat Adoption Success Stories
A Few Special Needs Adoption Success Stories

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If you have a PAWS Happy Tails story you'd like to share, please email your kitty's former foster mom or see our Contact Info for our webmaster's email.  We love updated pictures too.  *Note we need the kitty's original name in order to post.

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Wanted you to know that Zeus and Xani (formerly Banjo & Kent) are doing GREAT and have become the best indoor cats…and love laying in the screened in patio most of the time. Xani loves to sleep with me and they both sit and clean each other and cuddle together, as you can see by the attached photos. Zeus is very playful…they’re our Yin-Yang!! ~David

Baby - 2012

What a match made in heaven. I wasn't going to introduce George and Baby until much later, but she popped out of the crate with a "TA-DA! I'M HERE!". Wow! A girlie version of George! They have been on the patio for the last hour both enamored and flabbergasted by each other. She approaches him then he approaches her. They seem equally stymied by the others welcoming response. It is very entertaining to watch. The dog is fascinated by them both but watching from beyond the sliding glass doors. That introduction is for another day! UPDATE: She and George are still getting along like two peas in a pod. They give each other plenty of space but mutually seek each other out with great frequency. Baby has decided the top of the fridge is her favorite spot so a bed has been placed up there for her comfort. We created a “dog free” zone in the house with a baby gate on Saturday. This provided Baby the option of approaching Mecah on her own terms. She observed George and Mecah interact and early Sunday morning jumped down to greet the dog. Baby got a slobbery face for her efforts but otherwise survived. After that, she had no more inhibitions.


Batman was adopted with Darlin, who has been renamed Robin. It’s been a week now and Batman and Robin seem to be settled in nicely. They are chasing each other all over the house, and Batman doesn’t run and hide now when anybody gets home. They are almost inseparable, hang out together most of the time; both are very affectionate and purr when they get enough attention and petting. It was tough to catch them both staying put for a minute to get a pic, but here it is. They are energetic and playful and seem to be happy; and they sure are eating well! Still getting used to the dog Spike – he really wants to play with them, but they’re not ready for that yet. They aren’t afraid of him, I think that’s because he remembers the swipe across the nose from my old cat Ralph when I first brought Spike home; he has the proper respect for those sharp claws. I expect they will even warm up to him eventually. ~Steve


We just wanted to update you on Biscuit. He has adjusted very well to his new and happy home. He is very content and is loving all of the attention he is getting. His favorite thing to do is to attack feet while you are not expecting it. The morning is his favorite time to do it since he is full of energy. The picture here is of him relaxing on those feet he loves to attack. All of us want to thank you for rescuing such a wonderful kitty. And of course he still LOVES to make those biscuits!!! ~Johnnie, Lorie and Devin


Bucky was rescued from the county's North shelter where over 90% of cats are euthanized. He was dropped off with an injured foot as a very tiny kitten and taken into rescue to heal. Now his new mom reports: He is now called Pierre, after a cat I loved and lost years ago to a brain tumor, but I find myself still calling him Bucky some times. We love him, and he is doing great. ~Patricia Lang

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