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Animal Success Stories

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A Few Kitten Adoption Stories
A Few Cat Adoption Success Stories
A Few Special Needs Adoption Success Stories

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If you have a PAWS Happy Tails story you'd like to share, please email your kitty's former foster mom or see our Contact Info for our webmaster's email.  We love updated pictures too.  *Note we need the kitty's original name in order to post.

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Alexandra has made herself right at home. wasn't shy at all. My cat Jazzbo has been following her around all day, he is so fascinated by her. I will keep you posted. I attached a photo of her in her pink little kitty bed. She LOVES it. ~Cheryl


We adopted Asha from PAWS on October 15, 2011. She was a very, very small kitten at the time, and is now eight pounds of fiesty, one year old energy. She is a talker, and loves to chirp, meow, or whatever her mood is to let you know she is here, and wants attention. I think she is only quiet when she is sleeping. We are very happy to have her, and wanted everyone to know her Happy Tail. ~Lynne & Richard George


Adrian is now Jude. He is so loveable and like to cuddle. He plays with his big brother all the time and they make me laugh. I am so glad that I got him. He likes to watch the computer screen and would e-mail you himself, if he could spell. He is growing and all is well. He has stolen everyone's heart and the bedroom. My two cats have been remarkable in accepting his presence. He likes the carrier when he naps, so I let him have his space. Loves to play, gets all the attention he requests. He's beautiful in every way. Thanks, Donna

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