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Tarzan's Sponsorship Page

DOB appx June 2008. DSH orange mackerel tabby & white. This little guy is so friendly. He was found in a tree outside the North Animal Care Center (NACC) which was the county shelter in Titusville, near the airport (Flake Rd). A no-kill rescue person was there and she rescued him, thank goodness. What a sweetie he is! Tarzan loves to be with you, he follows you all over the house, and is by your side just about all the time.

Tarzan had some mouth inflammation called stomatitis, that luckily we caught early. (if you catch it early it is cureable) The treatment is to pull all affected molars -  and a few months later he is doing fine and per the vet, is ready for adoption!! He can eat kibble just fine, and really enjoys a morning bite or two of canned food.

Tarzan is such a nice kitty, he loves to lay on your lap while you watch TV or read. He's fine with dogs and other cats, is fine with being picked up, too. He will trot along beside you as you go places in the house and when you stop he will roll over and wait to be petted!  

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