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2/19/2024 7:36 AM

Blacknose's Sponsorship Page

If interested please complete an application on our website - in the menu on the left, choose Adoption Policy and you will find the online form at the top of the page... plus email Mona at

Blacknose and his siblings (Barcley and Puss) were born to a stray "not-so-friendly" momcat in a man's boat in Titusville. He got them into a carrier and was approaching the county shelter front door when a no-kill rescuer intercepted him and took the momcat and babies.

Despite the momcat being less than friendly, the kittens were handled every day.

Blacknose was named due to him having the only black nose (just to tell him apart from his littermates). The name "stuck" and he knows his name, so we figured it's original enough for him!

Blacknose is sweet but he has to get to know you first - after that he lets you rub his tummy! He is easily startled, skittish, and is very wary of new folks, so he has stayed in foster care and is now a senior. This is why we have his webpage stating "sponsorship" - this allows folks to donate toward his long-term care with PAWS.

Contact Mona at

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