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Red's Sponsorship Page

Red was eating with a feral colony near some apartments. He came and went but eventually stuck around long enough for us to give him a name and he liked that.

He started prancing around our legs when we would arrive to feed the feral cats, and eventually rubbing against our legs. So we started petting him -- and he's a gentle giant!

He had the biggest "jowls" (cheeks) we'd seen in awhile. This is from testosterone, which gives the big neck. The cheeks are big because of the glands in the cheeks, you can feel them & they are huge. As expected, his cheeks did decrease in size after his neuter.... and his eyes look bigger since his cheeks are not lifted up by the glands.

Red is a total sweetie and loves attention. We had him caged while we dewormed him. He ate like mad so he really likes the canned food and the abundance of dry food he gets. Like we thought, he filled out into a large boy!!!

Red is now used to living indoors. He may have lived inside when he was young, we don't know. However nothing seems to faze him - loud noises don't bother him. He's not afraid of the sounds of the washer and dryer, water running, and a door slamming. So we think he did live indoors at some time.

Red is definitely a senior kitty, but it is very hard to know how old he is.

He is FIV+ which is not a big deal as long as
(1) the cat is healthy (which he is), and
(2) the cat is not aggressive (he is passive).  

FIV is passed by mating and deep bites. Since he's fixed now, he won't mate. And he is not aggressive, so no other kitty will get a deep bite.  

Red also had a urinary blockage but we were able to respond quickly with special food, and he is ok now. He is maintained with just a little of this food daily.

PAWS is a TRUE no kill rescue. We have rescued and placed alot of FIV+ kitties, and so have a few other local no kill rescues.

We've all found the same thing - it's no big deal. However many shelters such as Cox Road (BHS) and the county shelter (Eau Gallie) will still kill the healthy FIV+ cats because they carry the virus. Sadly, some vets do, too.  Pick your vet wisely!

To learn more, see our section on the website about FIV. It's estimated that 3% of the kitties in the US are FIV+.

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