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4/18/2021 3:40 PM

Alanan's Sponsorship Page

DOB 2004, DSH spayed tortie tabby tux. Alanan had a great home then the owner passed away, so she is back in foster care.

She is a little shy for a day or so around strangers, then she's fine, just a little timid at being approached from someone standing up (looming over her). She will approach you if you are standing still. 

Alanan is OK with other cats in the room, but tends to have her favorite spot by herself. She prefers having some "space" between her and other kitties.

We call her "Lani" for short. She likes to dance around your hand when you are petting her.

Alanan is a cuddle bug in bed. Her favorite "daytime place" is being on the top shelf of the kitty climber! 

She is a senior girl now so we are showing her for sponsorship because she is a hospice foster at this point. Thank you for considering donations to our older cats for their golden years.


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