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7/25/2022 8:50 AM

Hildy's Sponsorship Page


PAWS adopts out kittens in pairs, or adopts to a home with another young kitty (3 yrs or so). Here is why we adopt in pairs -- this is the best article we have found to explain:

Hildy and her sister Pickles (adopted) were born to a stray mom cat. The mom cat was very lucky because some nice people took her in and the kittens were socialized. 

Hildy is awesome, outgoing, curious and sweet. Great being picked up, a cuddle bug!

Despite Hildy's sister and momcat testing negative for Feline Leukemia, Hildy tested a slight positive. This does happen occasionally - it is rare though.

This means we are fostering Hildy separately from other cats and kittens. She can beat this, there is a 50/50 chance. She doesn't have a full immune system yet as she is only a little over 3 months old, so we have to re-test her every 30 days. Since she's not confirmed positive, we cannot put her with positives. And since she's fighting it currently, we cannot put her with negatives.

Update: her recent test on July 18 was improved! She's on track to beat this virus and we are thrilled. She will be tested again in August.

All this means she cannot be adopted yet, until we know. We are showing her for "sponsorship" - donations are welcome, as this is a long and expensive wait.

Foster Mom: Mona at

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